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Today I am grateful for all the Gratitude workshop participants

Gratitude & Flow Experiment

As we have been focusing on Gratitude recently at Art Therapy + Happiness I paid attention when I came across the “Lasting Benefits Experiment”.  This online research project is being run by Mr Reuben Rusk, a PhD candidate in the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne.  “The aim of the study is to investigate […]

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Memories Take Time

Over the past several weeks I have been partaking in   Susannah Conway‘s e-course Unravel Your Life.  This e-course is described as “a creative journey that takes you back to the heart of who you truly are. Using photography and journalling to access hidden thoughts & feelings, encourage personal realisations…” As a keen photographer and art therapist I was intrigued […]

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Swap puzzle-sm

Life is Puzzling

Life is full of puzzles, is it not?  And although we continue to try we can not solve them all. However, over at Art (Therapy) + Happiness we decided to share the puzzle of what makes our lives meaningful through an art swap using actual puzzles.  I sourced 10 identical blank puzzles of 20 pieces […]

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The Creative Healing Power of Puppets – The Puppet Boy of Warsaw

‘Without the coat, nothing would have happened as it did’ “So begins the story of the Puppet Boy of Warsaw , a young Jewish boy called Mika  …” I was driving home not long ago and I heard a Radio NZ book review.  I didn’t hear it all but the reference to puppets had me hooked. I immediately downloaded the […]

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Art Therapy at the NZ Pain Society Conference

I have just returned from the New Zealand Pain Society Conference.  The conference was  an enjoyable  learning experience for me.  As well as presenting a paper on art therapy  I was asked to organise an exhibition of art work completed by patients who have chronic pain.  I was a little nervous about how my presentation and […]

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Art Therapy + Happiness – Positivity Signposts

“Symbols are the imaginary signposts of life.” ~~ Margot Asquith I have been busy over at Art Therapy + Happiness and not posted here for a while but yesterday  I made an Auspicious Symbol Card and it moved me to write here.   Recently I made a bit of an Ass of myself.  Nothing too major but enough […]

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From Greece with love!

This week I received a lovely surprise in my mailbox.  My first creative pay-it-forward gift. When I was young I and my sisters had penpals around the world and we used to write letters to them and get very excited whenever we received a reply – I felt like this when I went to my mailbox and […]

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Inspire and Be Inspired – Creating it Forward

Over the past couple of years I have become involved in sharing creative activity online with other like minded creative people.  It has been truly inspiring to be part of this community.  A couple of those (among the many) who have provided wonderfully supportive inspiration are Gretchen Miller and Lani Gerity who have both brought my attention to […]

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A Still Point in a Changing World – Mindful Studio Daily Practice

I have decided to revisit the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Mindful Studio Daily Practise with Hannah Kaus Hunter .  Still Point in a Changing World: Creating a Mindful Studio Practice. I have just finished Day 8.  I am making a photographic image each day, printing it and adding it to a small handmade album that I just […]

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permission to be brave enough


I have just received Brene Brown’s new book “Daring Greatly”.  I have only just started reading the book but already I know it has been a valuable and worthy purchase.   Brene says that “Connection is why we are here. We are hard wired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our […]

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