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Ikigai – Mandala

I have had a few days in bed this week with an end of winter bug and it has given me lots of  time to think (not always a good thing!).  I was pondering on my Ikigai (see previous post) and I wondered what an image of this might look like if it did not contain […]

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My Ikigai – What gets me up in the mornings

The Japanese word Ikigai (pronounced ee-ki-guy) is used to describe “why I get up in the morning” .  Finding your Ikigai can mean a deep and often lengthy search of self.  However, when I attended a MindSetGo workshop I was invited to find my Ikigai in 5 minutes and use only 6 words to describe it.  I think I spent the first […]

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Gluebook Reminiscing

As another 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 workshop I have completed this little gluebook based around my recent trip to Melbourne.  At first I was not particularly inspired by this project thinking it all a little pointless. However, as I got into it I found it very meaningful and enjoyable.  I used an old file folder to make […]

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