5 Day Create Wellbeing Challenge – Power Up Your Positive!

POWER UP YOUR positive.jpgI can hardly believe that it has been almost a year since I wrote a blog post! Wow! I can’t say for sure why I have been so inactive in this space but I know I have missed it.

To kick things off again and to reconnect with you all I am planning a 5 Day Create Wellbeing Challenge and I would love you to join me.

This challenge is titled “Power Up your Positive”. With the increasing level of reporting on negative events globally and with our natural tendency to focus on the negative, it is important from time to time that we take stock and intentionally focus on our positive.

This free challenge is designed to do just that; to remind us how important positivity is to our wellbeing and how we can use the creative process to explore and enhance our positive emotions as we go about our daily lives.

Signing up for the challenge will provide you access to the Create Wellbeing Closed Facebook group with:

  • daily creative prompts posted to the FB Group to help increase positive emotion in your life
  • occasional short Facebook live videos where you can interact with me, ask questions and share my creative experience as I take on the 5 day challenge
  • tips on using simple creative techniques
  • a downloadable pdf guide for each day
  • and most of all access to connect and share your experience with other like minds
Signing up is easy just click on this link Create Wellbeing 5 Day Challenge and request to join our closed Facebook Group. I will then approve your membership to the group. Once joined please post a simple “I’m in” below the the 5 Day Create Wellbeing Challenge pinned post. The challenge will start Monday August 8,  so join up now so you don’t miss out on all the positive goodness offered.
I so look forward to connecting with you again!
Note: If this it is not the right time for you for a challenge , you can still  Click Here to join our Closed Facebook Group and enjoy connection, compassion and creativity at any time!

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